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Surge Protection Tester
Product Code: SPT-02

The Novaris SPT Series allows surge protection installers and maintainers to monitor and diagnose surge protection equipment on site. SPT-02 Tester Manual    PDF Brochure

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SFE Surge Filters 63A
Product Code: SFE1-63-250-275

Novaris SFE surge filters provide excellent and effective MSB and DB protection for critical equipment up to 63A. PDF Brochure

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SFD Surge Filter 32A 1 & 3 Phase
Product Code: SFD1-32-50-275 or SFD1-32-100-275

Novaris SFD surge filters provide the highest level of protection for critical and essential equipment up to 32A per phase. Their compact design makes them an ideal choice for space restricted applicatons. PDF Brochure

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RF Protection Equipment up to 6GHz
Product Code: CN-FF-600-6

Novaris gas discharge surge protectors are capable of passing RF signals to 6GHz (limited by connector type). N-type female/female protectors are suitable for bulkhead mounting. PDF Brochure

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Spark Gap Surge Filters
Product Code: SGF1-40-50-275 [*]

Novaris SGF surge filters provide optimum Class1 MSB and DB protection using robust spark gap technology in combination with a low pass L-C filter for critical equipment up to 250A per phase  PDF Brochure

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SL Slimline Signal Line Protectors
Product Code: SL-420 - [*] SL-DH SL-485 SL-RTD

Novaris SL range of plug in signal line protectors provide surge protection for most twisted pair signalling schemes. Ideal for the protection of PLC's, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry systems, railway signalling, SCADA and other industrial monitoring and control equipment. PDF Brochure

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SLT Signal Line threaded surge protector
Product Code: SLT4-36-M20/275

Novaris SLT signal line threaded surge protectors provide surge protection for signalling systems in hazardous environments. The SLT4-36-M20/275 has been designed for 240V power and 36V signalling applications.  PDF Brochure

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RW-6kVA & RW-10kVA RM & Tower
Product Code: RW/RAW UPS

RW/RAW 6kVA & 10kVA Single Phase Parallelable Rack Mount/Tower UPS Full On Line Double Conversion UPS  PDF Brochure

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