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Trimod 8kVA - 60kVA

Product Code: Trimod

Modular, redundant, scalable & adaptable! That's the Trimod system. Available as Single Phase in/out, Three phase In/Out, Three Phase In/Single phase Out <and!!> Single Phase In/Three Phase Out! 8kVA to 60kVA. Please see the link below for the video for the Trimod.



Available Option:

Conformal Coating for UPS PC Boards In harsh environments, such as proximity to salt laden air or chlorine gas, etc, corrosion of the PCB’s can be an issue, regardless of UPS brand or model. This is not covered under warranty as this is an environmental issue outside the scope of a ‘normal’ UPS environment. If the above UPS is likely to be exposed to these conditions we recommend that Conformal Coating of the PCB’s be done in the factory before dispatch of the UPS....