• Gateway Upgrade North (GUN)
  • Northern Connector (Adelaide)
  • Toowoomba Range Second Crossing
  • Logan Enhancement Project
  • Woodford Correctional Centre     Upgrade
  • North Link Stage 2
  • Cleveland Youth Detention          Centre Upgrade
  • WestConnex & NorthConnex

About PowerCom Solutions

PowerCom Solutions specialises in protecting corporate, industrial and public sectors from electrical disturbances, data loss and hardware damage. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations through the rapid delivery of innovative cost-effective solutions. We are dedicated to solving problems caused by electrical disturbances on power and data lines. Such problems usually contribute to or directly cause the failure of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment such as communication devices and other microprocessor-based units.

Surge and Power Protection since 1989

As a leader since 1989, in surge and power protection, PowerCom Solutions sets the standard in the industry for quality, innovation and support.

Our strengths are our solutions.

PowerCom Solutions sets itself apart by providing the right solutions to suit customers’ specific needs. We provide customers with technical advice, consultation and installation.

Our solutions include outstanding products.

We supply customers with quality products designed for Australian conditions and Standards or we research, design and develop specific customised products.

Our Capability

Different products are required for particular problems and our technical experts will identify the best solution to suit your specific application.

PowerCom Solutions has specialist expertise in protecting a wide range of equipment and applications.

Our major areas of expertise are:
  • Surge & Transient Protection
  • Data & Telecommunications Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Communications Interfacing
  • Process Control
  • Communication Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Power Conditioning
  • Railway Signalling
  • Intelligent Building Control
  • Television and Broadcasting
  • Airport Navigation & Communication


Our consulting services include:
  • On-site Power Analysis & Audit
  • Product Application Solutions
  • Product Design and Development
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Installation and integration Services

Our Technical Information is shared:

PowerCom Solutions hold regular technical seminars tailored to suit specific industry requirements. We are committed to educating our customers on the key causes, effects and solutions to power problems.

We are Specialists in Power Protection

PowerCom Solutions has grown by building a reputation as specialists in the power protection industry. We’ve worked with many companies in various industries to analyse, plan and implement power protection solutions. We pride ourselves on sourcing the most cost-effective products and delivering tailor-made solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you protect your power, please browse this website or contact us today.