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CL Coaxial CCTV Protectors
Product Code: CL
Novaris Coaxial CCTV protectors are suited to the protection of secruity and CCTV applications. PDF Brochure
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SFD Combined Power and Signal Protectors
Product Code: SFD1
Novaris protection for both power and signal is provided in one compact and economical DIN compliant package. Ideal for security and CCTV camera protection. PDF Brochure
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RJ45 UTP Network Protectors - Terminal
Product Code: UTP-RJ45
Novaris RJ45 terminal protectors are compliant with 1000BaseT (gigabit Ethernet), CAT6 and power over ethernet applications. PDF Brochure
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Product Code: PowerCom - CLBPP-XX

The CLBPP-XX is a multi channel (max 16 channels) coaxial cable patch panel 1 RU high. Aluminium panel securely holds multiples of 4, 8, 12 and 16 protected inputs are available. PDF Brochure

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