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Categories » Power Protection » Surge Diverters


SD1 & SD3 MULTIMOV Surge Diverters
Product Code: SD1 & SD3
Novaris MULTIMOV MSB surge diverters offer unsurpassed safety, quality and reliability in protection for your electrical system. MULTIMOV surge diverters are an ideal point-of-entry protector for all industrial, commercial and communications applications. PDF Brochure
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SDN All Mode Surge Diverters
Product Code: SDN
Novaris SDN Surge Diverters are the ideal choice for all mode protection in major distribution switchboards. Being all mode the SDN is particularly suitable for switchboards in non MEN installations. Housed in fail-safe metal enclosure. Available in Single and Three Phase with surge ratings of 50kA, 100kA, 150kA & 200kA. PDF Brochure
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SDD2 DINsafe Surge Diverters
Product Code: SDD2

Novaris SDD2 Surge Diverters offer an ideal solution for DC and two phase systems. The SDD2 diverters are housed in a DIN compliant fail-safe metal enclosure.

PDF Brochure SDD2-12-14

PDF Brochure SDD2-12-30

PDF Brochure SDD2-40-50

PDF Brochure SDD2-40-130

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SDD1 & SDD3 DINsafe Surge Diverters
Product Code: SDD1 or SDD3
Novaris SDD1 (Single Phase) and SDD3 (Three Phase) Surge Diverters suitable for domestic or small main switchboards and/or distribution boards. They are housed in a DIN compliant fail-safe metal enclosure. PDF Brochure
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SDH High Voltage Surge Diverters
Product Code: SDH-100-550

Novaris SDH high voltage surge diverters have been engineered for system voltages above 600VRMS. Typical applications include aviation runway lighting, mining and railway industries PDF Brochure

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Surge Indicator Panel
Product Code: SIP-230

Surge Indicator Panel allows remote monitoring of any Novaris product featuring external alarms. Visual and audible indicators provide at a glance surge protection status. Designed to fit in standard 72mm panel meter cutouts, integration into switchboards is simple. PDF Brochure

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SDT2 Threaded Surge Diverters
Product Code: SDT2-130-M20

Novaris SD2 threaded surge diverters provide a surge protection solution for power applications in even the harshest environments. Perfect for the protection of field instruments in industrial applications, where a reliable, robust surge protector is necessary. In combination with the Novaris SLT-Y series, there is a model to fit any instrument/housing combination. PDF Brochure

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SSP Slimline Series Surge Protectors
Novaris SL range of plug-in signal line protectors provide surge protection for power supplies with loads up to 6A. Ideal for the protection of PLCs, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry systems, railway signalling, SCADA and other industrial monitoring and control equipment. PDF Brochure
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SSP Surge Protectors 16 - 63A
Product Code: SSP
Novaris SSP Protectors are suitable for installation in circuits up to 63A. The SSP range has been engineered to provide excellent performance and economical protection. Their compact design makes them an ideal choice for space restricted applications. PDF Brochure
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