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Why Power Protection

There are four main types of power disturbances, which can effect your equipment:

  • Slow average voltage variations
  • Voltage sags & surges
  • Electrical noise including lightning
  • Interruptions to supply, i.e. blackouts

How will power protection products help your computer?

Unprotected computer systems are susceptible to data loss, data errors and damaged components and increased down time as the result of power disturbances.

For example, have you ever experienced a keyboard or system lock-up, scrambled or lost data or a hard drive crash?

If the answer is YES, you will benefit by having your computer system and peripherals protected against such effects, hence ensuring maximum productivity at all times.

What Equipment Should You Buy?

Think how much your computer system would cost to replace, add to that the time spent entering the data it holds, plus the time that would be necessary to re-enter it (if the source documents were all available), then consider how much damage your business could suffer if the computers were crippled or destroyed. That gives you an idea of just how much your computer system needs to be protected.

So the type of equipment you should buy depends on the consequences of your computer failing. Most modern computer equipment is so sensitive that supply authorities recommend, "that some form of power protection should be included in all commercial and industrial computer installations". As a minimum level of protection a good Power Filter should be installed, however if the cost of computer failing is high, then you should also consider a Power Conditioner or UPS. For more assistance with any power protection question, please contact us today.