• Gateway Upgrade North (GUN)
  • Northern Connector (Adelaide)
  • Toowoomba Range Second Crossing
  • Logan Enhancement Project
  • Woodford Correctional Centre     Upgrade
  • North Link Stage 2
  • Cleveland Youth Detention          Centre Upgrade
  • WestConnex & NorthConnex

Technical & Installation Information

Table 1 outlines  some of the most common signalling protocols along with the Novaris surge protection product  best suited  to your application.

For other signalling protocols please contact us to discuss your protection requirements.


Signal Type                  Novaris Product

5V                                                           SL7v5-G

6V                                                           SL7v5-G

12V                                                         SL18-G

24V                                                         SL36-G

0-5V                                                        SL7v5-G

0-10V                                                      SL18-G

0-20V                                                      SL36-G

±10V                                                       SL18-G

0-20mA                                                   SL36-G

4-20mA                                                   SL36-G

10Base2                                                 CLB-MF-10

10BaseT                                                 UTP-RJ45-xCAT6

100BaseT                                               UTP-RJ45-xCAT6

1000BaseT                                             UTP-RJ45-xCAT6

BitBus                                                     DB9-RS485

CAN - high speed                                   SL485-EC90

CAN - low speed                                     SL485-EC90

CCTV                                                      CLB-MF-10

ControlNet                                               CLB-MF-10

Data  Highway                                         SL-DH-EC90

Data  Highway Plus                                 SL-DH-EC90

DeviceNet (signal  pair)                           SL7v5-G

Dupline (signal  pair)                               SL7v5-G

FIP Bus                                                   SL485-EC90

Foundation Fieldbus                               SSP6A-38-G

HART                                                      SL36-G

Interbus                                                   SL485-EC90

ISDN                                                        SL-PTSN-G, KP1, KP10, MPP-RJ12, MPP-RJ45

Load  cells                                               LCP-36

P-Net                                                       SL485-EC90

Power  over Ethernet                              UTP-RJ45-xPoE Process Bus (P-Bus)           SL485-EC90

Profibus  DP                                            SL485-EC90

Profibus  FMS                                         SL485-EC90

Profibus  PA                                             SSP6A-38-G

PTSN                                                       SL-PTSN-G, KP1, KP10, MPP-RJ12, MPP-RJ45

RS232                                                     DB9-RS232, DB25-RS232

RS422                                                     2x SL485-EC90, DB9-RS485

RS432                                                     2x SL485-EC90, DB9-RS485

RS485                                                     2x SL485-EC90, DB9-RS485

V.10                                                         2x SL485-EC90, DB9-RS485

V.11                                                         2x SL485-EC90, DB9-RS485

V.24                                                         SL36-EC90, DB9-RS232, DB25-RS232

V.35                                                         SL485-EC90

WorldFIP                                                  SSP6A-38-G

X.21                                                         SL36-EC90, DB9-RS232, DB25-RS232

DSL                                                         SL-PTSN-G, KP1, KP10, MPP-RJ12, MPP-RJ45